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Cosmetic Laser Class Curriculum

We've Opened A 2nd Location In Florida!

We’ve recently opened a second location in Jupiter, FL for licensed Assistant Laser Practitioners and Senior Laser Practitioners wanting to master their craft. This course is only offered in Florida.

What to Know Before Enrolling at Southern Laser Academy

All classes are held on Saturday through Sunday on select weekends. You may submit your request to register for classes in Georgia and Florida.

Liability Policy

Southern Laser Academy accepts no liability.

Cancellation Policy

In order to receive a refund, students must cancel no later than two weeks before the date of their first class. There will be a $500 cancellation penalty.

Qualifications & Eligibility Requirements

All students who have already acquired their Aesthetic, Master of Cosmetology, and Nursing licenses are eligible to receive three certifications after completing the Southern Laser Academy curriculum. A student must be a Licensed Esthetician, Master Cosmetologist, and/or RN, LPN, or PA to obtain state certifications. Proof of qualifications must be presented during the registration process.

Code of Conduct

Smoking, drinking, and using illegal drugs are not permitted on the premises. Cell phone use is prohibited during course hours (other than for emergency purposes). Students are responsible for providing their school supplies.

Day 1

1.) Laser Physics and Safety – an introduction to the physics behind cosmetic laser technology and the precautions required to operate each laser

2.) Physiology of the Skin & Hair – an in-depth look at the anatomy and physiology of a person’s skin and hair, and how best to approach cosmetic laser technology for varying types of skin and hair

3.) Assessing the Patient (Matching Skin Type to Each Laser) – a discussion on what cosmetic laser technology is suitable for certain skin types and conditions

4.) Types of Light Therapy – an introduction to basic forms of light therapy including intense pulsed light (IPL), broadband light (BBL), and more, as well as how they differ from other cosmetic laser technologies

5.) Laser Terminology and Applications – a breakdown of common terminology and vocabulary associated with cosmetic laser technology

Break Period

6.) Documentation & Consent Forms – an introduction to the various forms of documentation and patient consent required before any treatment or consultation

7.) Meet the Lasers – an in-person introduction to the various types of cosmetic lasers you will be working with

8.) Possible Pitfalls of Cosmetic Laser Technology – a guide to the potential side effects and other risks associated with cosmetic laser technology

9.) Consultation Training & Role Playing – a training session designed to help you learn how to consult with and work with potential patients in a professional setting

Day 2

1.) Hands-on Training – practical training in using three essential types of lasers and light technologies, including:
a. Intense pulsed light (IPL)
b. Alexandrite
c. YAG

2.) New Technologies and Emerging Trends – a discussion on current trends, applications, and recent advancements in the field of cosmetic laser technology

Break Period

3.) Laser Tattoo Removal Theory & Safety Overview – a discussion on laser tattoo removal technology and the precautions required before using the equipment with a patient

4.) Hands-on Training: Advanced Laser Technology – practical training in using advanced lasers and performing advanced treatments, including:
a. Tattoo removal
b. Fractionated CO2 laser skin resurfacing

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